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A new Beauty Is in Town...A1 Artist First Transfers! Featuring the Amazing US Creative Team!

Have you heard the amazing news?? There's a brand new line of image transfers available throughout the furniture, crafting and home decor world! Introducing: A1 Artist First! This line of beautiful transfer images was created with you, the everyday artist in mind. Two amazing companies, Grace on Design and Mint by Michelle, came together to bring a product that promotes inclusivity among artists.

As with any business there is competition. Whether it be a similar product or goal, most companies have to deal with fighting for business and profits. As an artist who has been using transfers for many years I myself know there are multiple lines available. However, one decision that the creators of A1 Artist First decided was that no one person, company or artist would be excluded from using their product. They wanted all artist to feel they could create as freely as they desired, using whatever paint, whatever crafting medium, whatever they so wished to use. No artist should be bound to one line of product and be hindered from the creativity that flows through them.

The amazing A1 Artist First transfers were just released a few weeks ago and have already become a hit! Each transfer was carefully designed and chosen to allow for different options. You have large flowers, large garden scenes, a folk design and even a large butterfly made of flowers. There are so many creative options. Below will be a brief description of the new transfers along with a beautifully created piece from our amazing Content Team here in the US. Each lady was specially chosen by the owners of Grace on Design for their extreme talent and skill designing beautiful pieces.

  1. Peaceful Poppies:

This beautiful 8 page transfer features a gorgeous watercolor design. You can see the drippy and splatter effect built into the design. The colors in this transfer are a vibrant red, burnt yellow and orange. This transfer if wonderful for both spring and fall. You will find full stems of poppies along with individual pieces that are perfect for smaller projects.

Here you can find Peaceful Poppies used on this sweet vanity painted by our wonderful creator Stacey from Renewed Spirit Home. She was able to continue with the watercolor design of the poppies to make a drippy effect on the vanity while incorporating the poppies on the drawers. For more beautifully painted projects by Stacey be sure to visit her on Facebook! She is so talented when it comes to creating dimension and texture through paint.

Here's another example of the Peaceful Poppies created by another incredible painter, Jenna, from Indigo Creek Studios. Jenna does some beautiful work blending as well as abstract work. She can freehand so well! For this piece she painted a wooden board and applied the peaceful poppies against the gray and you can see how vibrant the color of the flowers are. She does some beautiful work and her little boy is just adorable..often featured in her work. Be sure to give her Facebook page a follow to see all her amazing work.

2. Folk Element

This one of a kind transfer has both a bohemian yet folk style appeal. Featuring 8 pages total, I love the pattern look of it while also having the ability to be broken up. You can separate it into two sections and used on multiple pieces or apply as branches and scrolls. It features beautiful colors of pinks, greens, blues and oranges. All shades to create either a vintage or modern look. I've seen it applied to both dark colors as well as light. A versatile transfer is something to be coveted!

Here you can see it applied to a gorgeous dark Purple by Jill from Jill's Creation. She was able to apply a large section to the front of this dresser while having left overs for the sides. Jill is one of the most amazing furniture artist I have seen! She can take any transfer or decoupage and make it a completely different piece with her blending skills. She blends like no other! You can find her incredible work on her Facebook page.

How cute is this little birdhouse from Heather at Grace on Broadway? Heather is one of the 3 owners and Designers of A1 Artist First and she perfectly shows off the details of Folk Element and how amazing it looks on a light color as well. Those details just pop. So whether you are looking for something dramatic or something vibrant you can't go wrong with Folk Element.

3. Fall Into Whimsy

Aren't sunflowers one of the prettiest and brightest flowers? Did you know the head of a sunflower follows the sun while growing? During the morning the heads will be facing the east and by evening they will have turned to face the west.

In the Fall into Whimsy transfer the sunflowers both represent fall and spring. I love how versatile this transfer is. You've got the small pumpkins to really fit with an fall home decor while also having separate pieces that could work come spring. It also features some fall colored leaves and branches that are vibrant and represent the changing of the leaves.

Here you can see where Chastity of Junkin Jones Gang used pieces of the transfer on both dark and light colors. Those sunflowers really pop! I love how Chasity incorporated different parts of the transfer and working them to fit her piece how she saw fit. This transfer has so many options! Follow Chasity for more amazing furniture pieces as well as beautiful home decor on Facebook.

4. Remarkable Garden

I think Remarkable Garden is one of the most exquisite transfers I have ever seen. The detail is so lifelike and clear. This massive 16 page transfer features both a large garden design as well as individual swags, stems and flowers. It's so functional that it would be perfect for any project. Plus, at 16 pages you can get MULTIPLE projects out of it. Featuring shades of peach, pink and white flowers this design is beautiful on both dark and light colors. The various greenery pieces compliment the flowers so well.

Look how beautiful these closeups are!

Below you can see how Kim from Yesterday's Tomorrow used both the large garden design as well as the swag pieces to complete this beautiful antique dresser. Those flowers are just beautiful! Kim is super crafty and makes some truly unique pieces. She often does Live Videos to show off many how-to's. Catch her frequently on her Facebook page and you just might learn something new.

Here's another gorgeous example of Remarkable Garden used on a darker shade. Heather from Grace on Broadway took sections of the garden portion to fit the front of her dresser and then the swag parts for the top drawers. You can see how much those colors pop even against a much darker background. Be sure to check out Heather at Grace on Broadway. She also has a brick and mortar store where you can find these transfers, paints, stencils and more located in Belvidere, NJ.

5. Metamorphosis

Are you a butterfly lover? I find butterflies fascinating in that they only live such a short period of time after their life as a caterpillar. They spend their days visiting flower after flower growing. The design of Metamorphosis is incredibly beautiful. It features 8 pages and amazing shades of blue and purples. The massive butterfly in the middle is so beautiful with half a lifelike butterfly design and half a bouquet like look of flowers. This 8 page transfer set also features individual groupings of flowers and stems. That makes it the perfect transfer

Cheryl from JJ Bean Design created this beautiful dresser using the Metamorphosis design. You can see how she was able to pull shades from the design to match the colors in the butterfly. This transfer also features smaller butterflies as you can see Cheryl applied above. Those blue cluster of flowers are stunning against the dark stormy feel of her dresser.

I recommend you follow Cheryl on Facebook as she does some of the prettiest furniture pieces. She also does freestyle painting that is incredible. She'll take a transfer or decoupage paper and add her own painting to it. She is super talented and worth watching Live.

Here's a close up image of how pretty those details are in the butterfly. Again, Jenna from Indigo Creek Studios really brought out those details against her vintage painted background. You can also see all the brush strokes within the actual wings of the butterfly. Just like a real painting.

6. Splendid Flora

Do you love large and vibrant individual flowers? Well that's exactly what you get with Splendid Flora. This massive 16 page transfer set features a 2 part collection. 8 pages of beautiful, large and colorful flowers and 8 pages of leaves and stems. You can piece this transfer together however you see fit. The possibilities are endless.

The flower colors are yellow, deep pink, light pink, white, orange and deep reds. Beautiful shades for any season. Simply layer the flowers over the leaves for a gorgeous design all your own.

You can see where Christina of Olde Made New used the flowers to create these unique plates from Splendid Flora. The flowers are just beautiful against that black background. She compiled the flowers over the leaves to create such a beautiful bouquet on the main plate. Christina does some really fun crafty projects as well as beautiful furniture. She is often caught doing lives showing off some unique tips and tricks. Be sure to check out her Facebook page, Olde Made New, for all kinds of fun events and tips!

Another beautiful project using Splendid Flora is this painted mannequin from Kelly at Spring Street Style, LLC. Here she shows off how beautiful something can be without using any flowers. The greenery in this transfer set reminds me very much of modern home decor with so much focus on having plants in your house. Couldn't you see a dress designed just like this in a store??

Kellie is one of the sweetest ladies who has a true eye for how something can be repurposed into new. She makes some of the most fun projects that I wouldn't even think of doing. She sees things not for what they are but what they can be with just a little bit of paint and glam. Be sure to check out her Facebook page and catch her live videos as well on her Facebook page, Spring Street Style, LLC.

Kristi of ReHash Decor and Design had the same brilliant idea to use just the greenery on this glass frame. She said this took all of 15 minutes. Doesn't it look so lifelike? It appears as if she just pressed real greenery into a shadowbox of glass and I love it! Make sure you check out Kristi on Facebook where you can find her doing live videos and creating her beautiful home decor and furniture. She makes some of the prettiest pieces that I wish I owned for myself!

7. Fanciful Garden

Fanciful Garden is another great design where you can create however you wish. This 8 page transfer features what I call "vintage" like flowers. Whereas Splendid Flora is very bright and vibrant, Fanciful Garden has more toned down flowers. Large roses, sprigs and meadow like flowers are featured in this overall design.

This transfer also features a sweet little bird to go along with the design. I am one who always loves a broken up design so that I can apply the flowers as I like. The colors featured though more muted are beautiful shades of a rusty red, beige, blue, purple, pinks and whites. All perfect shades for a garden.

Tanya from Blue Jay Vintage used Fanciful Garden on this antique old glass window. Did you know transfers adhere to glass?? Plus, they don't need to be sealed when applied to it. You can see how Tanya applied both clusters and individual pieces do dress up this welcome sign. Tanya does some really pretty upcycles on various projects. She enjoys mixing both decoupage paper and transfers to create something new. She also does Live videos where she shows off her own tips and tricks for crafts and home decor she sells in her antique store. Check out her facebook page, Blue Jay Vintage, and her amazing crafts she does.

One other example of Fanciful Garden is this beautiful desk from once again, Jill of Jill's Creations. She applied the sprigs and meadow like designs to the bottom of this desk. Sometimes all you need is a little something at the bottom to dress it up just enough.

I hope you've enjoyed getting an in depth look at all the amazing new transfers from A1 Artist First. They are super easy, beautifully done and amazing for any type of project. The Content Creator team is talented beyond belief and every page is worth following and learning from. These final pieces were created by me. As always you can find me Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Youtube.

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