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When 2 Companies Collide...Magic Happens!

Each month HP Distribution tries to team up with a paint company to show how versatile their products are with various paints. With so many different paint lines out there it's nice to see how the Content Creators for each company decide to use their various products to create one of a kind pieces. September's collaboration was with Eye Love Hue Paint. Being a Content Creator for BOTH of these companies I was excited to work make something unique as I tend to use products from each company frequently. Eye Love Hue Paint is my go to paint and HP Distribution is my transfer and decoupage company...both making all my things pretty!

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For this project I decided to make some unique Ceramic Coasters with a flair of Fall Decor. If you want to make them for yourself here are all the tools you will need:

Step 1:

I purchased the ceramic coasters at Target a few months ago knowing I would use them for something one day. When my Content Creator Kit for Magnolia Design Co arrived with the mini fall designs I knew I could make these coasters super cute. Que the collaboration between Eye Love Hue and HP Distribution to top it off. Typically when using decoupage paper I can either use the spray adhesive method, the wet method or iron on method. Because the ceramic soaks up all the liquid I couldn't use any clear coat. I tried...didn't work! So I opted for Gorilla Glue Spray Adhesive. It worked perfectly and didn't soak into the stone. The paper applied perfectly.

Step 2:

I cut enough of the decoupage paper to lap over the sides so it was easier to place the paper with the adhesive still wet and then cut the paper closer to the stone. After, using my SurfPrep Sanding pads in Fine, I sanded off the sides of the decoupage paper to get an even edge.

Step 3:

I allowed the coasters to dry overnight so that the adhesive was completely dry. Now I am ready to start applying my Magnolia Design Co Silk Screen Stencils to the top of the decoupage paper. The silk screens are very sticky making it incredibly important that your adhesive is completely dry or it may pull up your decoupage paper. Centering my stencils where I wanted them to be on the coasters I applied them and pressed so there were no bubbles and I know it's completely adhered. This insures that all the paint will go through the stencil and no splotches. Once your stencil is down you can start applying the paint.

Step 4:

The colors in Eye Love Hue's September Kit are beautiful, really showing off some fall options. If it's past September when you read this blog you can certainly purchase the paints in 2, 8 or 16 oz bottles to try for yourself. Here is a list of the various colors:

  • Free Spirit

  • Orange You Glad

  • Rusty Nail

  • Ho Hum

  • Cactus Green

  • Dusty Desert Pink

Also included was some Texture Additive and a Mystic Clear Coat in Satin, a waterproof protective layer. Using various sizes of artist brushes I painted in where the opening of the stencils are, overlapping just a bit to ensure the entire space was covered. Once I was finished painting all of the stencil I then removed it from the decoupage paper. You don't want to leave it on to dry as the stencil can easily peel up the paint once it's dry. With it wet, the paint slips through the tiny holes where the design it cut out of the stencil. Peel them up slowly but firmly as the stencils will be very sticky and you don't want to rip the paper at all.

Step 5:

Once I finished all of the coasters I clear coated them in Eye Love Hue's Mystic Shell in Satin as it is waterproof. This would prevent any condensation from a glass to seep through the papers. Such a simple and easy project. These would be perfect for gifts and since Magnolia Design Co has themed stencils for all holidays the possibilities are endless.

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